naw-ruz cookies 7Naw-rúz is a celebration of the Bahá’í New Year. Naw-rúz is the end of the month of fasting and the first day of the month of Bahá (Splendour). Note: Bahá’í children and junior youth (i.e. below the age of 15) do not fast. Naw-rúz happens on the day of the spring equinox, which is usually March 21.

Prayers/readings for study




  • Decorated bags for Naw-ruz. to hold naw-ruz gifts, etc. take regular brown paper bags and have the children decorate them with paint, glitter glue, stickers, or whatever else.
  • Gift tags. To attach to Naw-ruz gifts. cut out paper tags and punch holes in them, thread string through the hole. tie knot to secure string, and then attach to naw-rúz cards or gifts.

Other activities


Naw-ruz Flash presentation.

“Praised be Thou, O my God, that Thou hast ordained Naw-Rúz as a festival unto those who have observed the fast for love of Thee and abstained from all that is abhorrent unto Thee. Grant, O my Lord, that the fire of Thy love and the heat produced by the fast enjoined by Thee may inflame them in Thy Cause, and make them to be occupied with Thy praise and with remembrance of Thee.” (Prayers and Meditations by Bahá’u’lláh, p.339)

“O Pen of the Most High! Say: O people of the world! We have enjoined upon you fasting during a brief period, and at its close have designated for you Naw-Rúz as a feast.” (Bahá’u’lláh, Kitab-i-Aqdas, para.16)

An equinox in astronomy is the moment when the Sun passes over the equator. The event occurs twice a year, around March 21 and September 23. The word equinox derives from the Latin word for equal night. The equinoxes are the two days each year when the middle of the Sun is an equal amount of time above and below the horizon for every location on Earth. (Wikipedia: Equinox)


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