obtaining permission

Baha’u’llah teaches us never to enter a person’s home, or lay hands on his or her belongings, without that person’s permission. this is a mark of courtesy and respect towards others.

Prayers/readings for study



  • The Bird Hunter. Bahá’u’lláh asks an expert hunter not to kill innocent birds… Ruhi Book 3, Lesson 13.
  • The Wandering Fish. A group of fish living inside a reservoir break out from their home and face many perils. From Ruhi Book 3.


  • Children act out situations where they share their possessions with friends—for example, playing together with toys, sharing crayons, etc. how do the children feel when someone takes something of theirs without their permission?

Other activities

  • “Obtaining Permission” Maze (Obtenir la Permission); children must navigate a maze that seems simple to complete, but before they are able to complete it, they must first “obtain permission” (in the form of a detour).




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