“Allah’u’abhá” means “God is most glorious”. Bahá’ís use it as a way of greeting each other. Greeting each other helps each of us feel welcome.

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  • Many children’s songs have been written incorporating “Allah’u’abha” in the chorus or lyrics. Any one of these can be used.


As this lesson is often used as an introduction to the class, we often use ice-breaking games which allow the children and the teachers to get to know each other.

  • Fruit Salad. Each child picks the name of a fruit, for example apple, orange, banana, etc. Call out two fruits; the children who picked those two fruits switch places. When you call “fruit salad”, everybody switches places.
  • The West Wind Blows. Also called All My Friends. Similar to the Fruit Salad game, except callouts begin with “All my friends who are…” and then continue with some characteristic that several people share, for example, colour of clothes, first letter of name, eye or hair colour, birthplace, etc. Everyone who shares that characteristic then switches place with the others. Callouts may also begin with “The west wind blows on everyone who…” ALSO: Game-caller is in the middle of the circle and tries to find his place along with everyone else. The person who is left out of the circle then becomes the new game-caller. This variant works best with chairs, and is probably best played with older groups.
  • Jump-Up. Each child, in turn, jumps up, introduces themselves, and says something about themselves such as a favourite activity, etc. OR: instead of saying something about themselves, they could strike a pose and freeze; they could mime their favourite activity, etc.
  • Greet & Switch. A chosen child moves across the circle to face another child (preferably someone she doesn’t know very well) and says, “Alláh-u-abhá, I’m (…), how are you? It’s good to meet you!” (S)he then takes the place of whoever (s)he was facing, who then takes his or her own turn.


O SON OF MAN! Neglect not My commandments if thou lovest My beauty, and forget not My counsels if thou wouldst attain My good pleasure. (Bahá’u’lláh, Arabic Hidden Word no.39)


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