the wandering fish

dory zoomToday’s story was about three little fish who were curious about the wall at the end of their lake. They had asked their grandfather about it and he explained “It is a dam! It keeps us safe. It keeps out the crocodiles, the big hungry fish and the other animals that would eat us. The dam makes the water stay in the lake. It is because of the dam that we do not have to worry about anything. The dam protects us. It is our stronghold.”

One day the three little fish decided to jump over the dam to see what was on the other side. They had to jump very hard and it took them several tries to reach the river on the other side. They were almost swept away by the strong current. They saw a crocodile eat a fish and it almost ate them. A big hungry fish came very close and the three little fish were very scared. The fright gave them so much strength that they jumped high enough to make it up and over the dam, falling once again into their lake on the other side.

“We will never again leave our stronghold!” they cried, and swam towards their mother.

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