the boy who cried wolf

In a country far away, some time ago, there lived a young shepherd, who, while his father worked in the fields and his mother kept up the home, had the task of taking care of his family’s sheep. One day, the boy felt very bored and decided to play a trick on his neighbors. Suddenly he started crying out “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is eating the sheep!” All of his friends came running to help chase away the wolf, but when they got there they found the young shepherd laughing at them because they had received such a fright and really there was no wolf anywhere to be found. His friends went back to their work saying that the boy had behaved very badly.

The following day, the boy repeated his foolery. “Wolf! Wolf! Help me! Help me!” Some of the neighbors came running again to help, only to find the young shepherd laughing at them, because this time too it was a lie that a wolf was near. The third day, when they heard the ball call “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is eating the sheep! Please come help!” no one paid any attention because they thought that it was just another lie. That day the wolf did come and eat the sheep! The young shepherd was very sad, but he had learned a good lesson. If we tell lies, the day will come when neither our parents, out brothers and sisters, nor our friends will believe what we say, even when it is the truth!

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