step game

step game 2The “step game” is a movement-based activity to help children memorize quotes and prayers. It’s especially appropriate for kinesthetic learners, or children who “can’t seem to stay still” during class.

  1. Write out a quote or prayer in large print on a piece of bristol board, so that it can easily be seen from a distance.
  2. Have one child hold the bristol board (or hold it yourself) on one side of the room, behind a “finish line” (this can be a line of tape on the floor, or some other marker), and have the rest of the children stand against the wall at the other side of the room. They should be able to see the entire quote.
  3. The children should slowly advance one step at a time in turn, each reading one word of the quote or prayer in sequence when they step ahead. For example, the first child in line would recite the first word of the quote, the second child would recite the second word, and so on; when the last child has read a word, the first child reads the next word, and so on.
  4. The children continue in this fashion, repeating the quote if necessary, until they cross the finish line.

This game works best if the children are able to read well; younger children might have greater difficulty. If this is the case in your class, however, you could always ask the older children to help the younger ones when their turn comes. We also found that the game works better with fewer children, as the “line” advances more quickly this way.


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