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working in the booksOne really nice thing we’ve done with our children’s classes is to get the children to make their own prayer books, with copies of the prayers they’ve learned during the year in them. They can also add some of their own artistic creations to every other page—drawings, paintings, collages, colouring sheets or otherwise. Apart from giving them a way to read and memorize prayers on their own, This gives them a project to work on during the year that they can take home as a keepsake—a reminder of their progress in the class.

One issue to address with a prayer book project is that the children will have to have their book on hand for every class, even if they bring it home during the week to study the prayers on their own. Children may often forget their books at home if they’re not reminded, so devising a system to help them remember is crucial. Calling their parents with a reminder the day before the class will help; if you’ve arranged to pick up the children yourself before class, you can remind them yourself at that time. If too many children are forgetting their books too often, it may become necessary to keep them yourself and give them out when the children arrive. This is less than ideal, since it means the books won’t be available for the children to study outside of class—but every teacher will have to figure out a system that works in his or her situation.




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