Memorization of quotes and prayers is an integral component of lesson plans for Baha’i children’s classes. The act of memorizing the Word of God has a powerful effect on the hearts of children. Shoghi Effendi related:

The Master used to attach much importance to the learning by heart of the Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh and the Báb. During His days it was a usual work of the children of the household to learn Tablets by heart… the practice is most useful to implant the ideas and spirit those words contain into the mind of the children. (From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi)

personal prayer books

One really nice thing we’ve done with our children’s classes is to get the children to make their own prayer books, with copies of the prayers they’ve learned during the year in them. They can also add some of their … Continue reading

step game

The “step game” is a movement-based activity to help children memorize quotes and prayers. It’s especially appropriate for kinesthetic learners, or children who “can’t seem to stay still” during class. Write out a quote or prayer in large print on a piece of … Continue reading

quote jumble

One way to help children to think about quotes and memorize them is to turn them into a kind of puzzle, with jumbled-up cards. For example, let’s say that the quote to be memorized is “The earth is but one country, … Continue reading


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