virtue hunt

Strips of paper are hidden throughout the class, with different qualities written on each of them: some good, some bad. The participants must ignore the strips with “bad” qualities written on them, and bring back the ones with “good” qualities. They can’t pick up just any strip of paper; they have to read it and analyze whether it’s worth bringing back. In that way, we demonstrate how to “overlook” the faults of others—which, itself, happens to be one of the “good” qualities they must find.


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  1. Allah’u’Abha to u all. I am really pleased that I have landed on this site. The short stories are very interesting and I will definitely use these I my children classes. If you have stories that I can tell to the children, who are all non Bahaï, it will be great. You can just mail it to me. Thank you..and God bless you.

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