sharing (the shark game)

Sharks!@#U%$^%#$%^#“Imagine this whole room is a vast ocean. This square is a boat. When I count to three, the sharks come out—and everyone has to crowd onto the boat. If anyone falls off the boat, we all lose!”

“The Shark Game” is just one variation of the game “Sharing”, found in Lesson 3 of Grade 1 of the Ruhi Book 3 curriculum. An object such as a tire or a small rug or mat is placed on the ground, representing a boat. On the count of three, as many children as possible try to stand on the “boat” together without falling off. If any of the children fall off, the group must start over again, until they are able to stand all together on the boat.

To make the game a little more challenging, a blanket, towel or newspaper can be used—something that can be folded up. In the first round, the children can stand together quite easily on the unfolded blanket. With each round, though, the blanket is folded so that it decreases in size, until it’s barely large enough for all the children to stand on. The game then ends when the blanket becomes too small for the children to stand on together.

Photo: Sharks!@#U%$^%#$%^#, by Ryan Espanto. CC BY.