birds of a feather

Participants exchange slips of paper with animal names written on them at “go”. Read the paper at “stop”. Make your animal’s noise at “action” and try and flock together with others making the same noise.

The game’s original rules describe a competitive version, in which the last team to “find their flock” is counted out, leaving winners and losers. In the cooperative version, instead of being counted out, the group simply plays the game as many times as they wish, with everyone participating. To keep the game interesting without resorting to competition, different modes of play can be introduced. For example, instead of using sounds, nonverbal visual cues can be used. Players might mime flapping wings for birds, or walking like a cat or a dog; or, conversely, they might mime taking care of one’s animal—calling to a bird on one’s finger, petting a cat or walking a dog, etc.



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