oneness trees

oneness tree For children who are familiar with decorating Christmas trees, a “oneness of religions” tree made from wool and sticky hooks could be a good activity. We made ours after some of the children in our class asked if we could make Christmas trees for decorating. We found instructions for the woolen tree on Pinterest: the key elements are two different colours of wool (we used green for the body of the tree and yellow for the star), plastic stick-on hooks (like the ones you might use to hang up facecloths in the bathroom, or dishcloths in the kitchen), and clothespins or alligator clips for attaching “ornaments” to the tree. The idea of a “oneness of religions” tree came from a story told by one of our readers. Each of the children can painted or decorate the symbol of their choice and use clothespins hung it on one of the hooks along the edges of the tree—clothespins or alligator hooks are used to hang the ornaments directly on the wool.


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