religious symbol stencils

world religion day activitySince one of the foundational principles of the Bahá’í Faith is progressive revelation—the concept that all religions come from the same Divine Source and promote the same spiritual Message—there are always occasions when a children’s class will want to talk about the various religions of the world. One of the activities we’ve used for this topic is to create stencils out of symbols for the world’s different religions, that can be used for tracing, painting, spray painting, and more. This activity features prominently in our lesson plan on the oneness of religion.

Below you’ll find a number of templates for stencils depicting common symbols of some of the world’s religions: The Bahá’í Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shinto, and Sikhism. Print out the templates at the desired proportions and cut them out onto heavy paper such as bristol board. Some of the more complicated symbols may be better suited to cutting out with a pen-knife or utility knife instead of scissors.

In our class, we prepared nine-pointed stars to apply the stencils to; these were then applied to the wall with tape to create a colourful display in the classroom. They could also be used as decorations on walls or windows, or as part of mobiles.



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