painting variations

There are plenty of ways to make regular painting more interesting. Here are a few of them:

  • Blow painting: Prepare small cups of tempera or diluted acrylic paint in different colours—red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple—along with a bunch of straws and coloured paper. Show the children how to pick up the diluted paint with the straw (just cover the top of it with your finger). Ask them to drop bits of paint onto their paper, and then blow it around with the straw to make fancy shapes.
  • Celery painting: Instead of using brushes, use chopped-off celery bottoms to make beautiful, rose-shaped patterns.
  • Finger painting: Instead of using brushes, use—guess what? (Make sure to clean up well afterwards!)
  • Tape painting: Put a base coat of paint onto a canvas or canvas board, and let it dry. Children can then lay tape down in an interesting pattern and paint the sections in between the tape with different colours to end up with an abstract geometric painting.
  • Udder painting: Fill up the fingers of a latex glove with paint, prick a hole into the fingertips with a pin, and squeeze the paint out as if milking a cow’s udder.



blow painting

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