Art is a commonly used activity included in lesson plans for Baha’i children’s classes. For the sake of clarity, although “art” generally includes a wide variety of disciplines, it is taken here as mainly referring to that subset of visual arts that includes drawing and colouring, painting, printmaking, design, collage, and so on.

sidewalk drawings

sidewalk chalk is easy to come by, and makes a nice, fun activity for kids who feel the need to move around a lot. as well, it has the added benefit of leaving a visible trace for neighbours and passers-by … Continue reading

painting variations

There are plenty of ways to make regular painting more interesting. Here are a few of them: Blow painting: Prepare small cups of tempera or diluted acrylic paint in different colours—red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple—along with a bunch … Continue reading

colouring pages

One essential part of any class for younger children is colouring. Thankfully, there’s a steadily growing wealth of colouring pages for teachers of Bahá’í children’s classes to use in their lessons. Here are some places to look! Right here! We … Continue reading

religious symbol stencils

Since one of the foundational principles of the Bahá’í Faith is progressive revelation—the concept that all religions come from the same Divine Source and promote the same spiritual Message—there are always occasions when a children’s class will want to talk … Continue reading

artistic expedition

An “artistic expedition” is an outdoor activity where children are asked to draw or paint something in nature. The idea is to teach the concept that whatever has been created reflects the attributes of its creator, as well as to … Continue reading

sand paintings & mandalas

Sand painting is the art of pouring coloured sand or pigments onto a surface to create an image. Sand painting is an art that has a place in many different cultures, including Navajo, Australian Aborigine, and Tibetan. You may have heard of … Continue reading


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