Activities commonly found in lessons for Baha’i children’s classes include songsmemorizationstoriesgamesdrama, and art (colouring or drawing). Below, you’ll find links to a variety of different activities that we’ve field-tested during our children’s classes through the years.


Pencilwork refers to paper- and pencil-based activities we sometimes use in our children’s classes. These might include word searches, crosswords, mazes, vocabulary builders, and so on. While they’re not always part of the curricula we’re familiar with, they can be useful … Continue reading


Songs and music are a commonly used activity included in lesson plans for Baha’i children’s classes, whether to support the theme of a lesson, to help children memorize quotes or prayers, or simply for the joy of singing. Music is extolled in the Bahá’í writings, and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá … Continue reading


Stories are a commonly used activity included in lesson plans for Bahá’í children’s classes. Storytelling is a very powerful tool for teaching and imparting wisdom; rarely have we seen children who don’t respond well to a well-told story. Storytelling helps to support the overall theme … Continue reading


Games are a commonly used activity included in lesson plans for Bahá’í children’s classes. They are usually energetic and full of movement, and, based on the childrens’ age, offer more or less structure, with rules and goals that must be well explained and understood by all … Continue reading


Drama is a commonly used activity included in lesson plans for Baha’i children’s classes. It is generally used in classes for children in intermediate-level classes (ages 7 and up); less structured activities (such as games) tend to suit younger children better. When used in a … Continue reading


Art is a commonly used activity included in lesson plans for Baha’i children’s classes. For the sake of clarity, although “art” generally includes a wide variety of disciplines, it is taken here as mainly referring to that subset of visual arts that includes drawing and colouring, painting, printmaking, design, … Continue reading


Memorization of quotes and prayers is an integral component of lesson plans for Baha’i children’s classes. The act of memorizing the Word of God has a powerful effect on the hearts of children. Shoghi Effendi related: The Master used to attach much importance … Continue reading


Crafts are a commonly used activity included in lesson plans for Baha’i children’s classes. Anything that involves creating things manually is generally considered a craft. Bahá’u’lláh places great importance on crafts, stating that craftsmanship is something that God loves: One of the names of God … Continue reading


Prayers are an integral part of Bahá’í children’s classes. We pray in order to express and increase our love for God, to kindle and nourish our souls and help them grow, to align our will closer to God’s, and many more reasons. … Continue reading


Experiments help to illustrate a lesson’s key concepts much more clearly and more briefly than would be possible with words. They stimulate children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn about the world around them; using them in a Baha’i children’s … Continue reading

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