prayer, a loving conversation with god (take 4)

Today’s lesson: prayer, a loving conversation with god.

January 17, 2016: 1.5 hours, 6 children, ages 6–9. Our second week of teaching this lesson. My regular co-teacher wasn’t there this week, but the rest of our team (including parents of some of the children) redistributed the work among us. It went fairly well, with a few hiccups: First, most of the material was the same as last week, so the older children got visibly bored and were less engaged; second, we ended up having too much material to cover, and we went overtime—which wouldn’t normally be such a big problem, but apparently other groups have our venue booked after we leave now, so we have to finish on time.

The first was entirely my fault—I should have planned different activities each week to keep the lessons fresh and engaging. The second would have been easily avoidable by simply dropping one of the activities once we saw that we were going overtime, although I also think we weren’t all on the same page regarding the booking constraints. Lesson learned: Even if your main job is planning lessons and teaching the class, make sure you communicate with the other members of your team and stay informed about logistical issues.

Other than that, there wasn’t too much to say about this class, since it was about the same as last week. We had more children attending, which made for a nicer atmosphere. I really love how eager they all are to memorize quotes. Not everyone is at the same level due to the age difference, but that’s unavoidable—unless you make a class for each grade. God willing we’ll be able to achieve this soon!

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2 thoughts on “prayer, a loving conversation with god (take 4)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I’m just A Bout to restart our children’s classes and your ideas and learning are very valued.
    Mahsa Anderson

    • You’re very welcome Mahsa—and thank you for sharing your words of appreciation! I hope you’ll keep coming back and let us know how your children’s class goes 🙂

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