nine-pointed stars and snowflakes!

Imagine my surprise when, while looking for online resources for a recent lesson plan, I was totally unable to find any instructions on how to make nine-pointed stars and snowflakes out of folded and cut paper. I’m sure people have been making these 9-pointed versions for years—even decades—but when I looked online, everything I found had 6, 8, 12, even 5 points, but not 9!

Here, then, is something to fill that void. Quynh says she learned this method for folding nine-pointed stars from her father back in Vietnam, and it’s easily adaptable to making snowflakes, as you’ll see. The only part that I find really tricky is doing the 1/3 folds (steps 3-4, 6-7), because it’s a little imprecise and I often find I overshoot and have to redo it. It eventually works out, though, and makes beautiful, regular nine-pointed stars and snowflakes. Plenty of kids will probably never have seen these, so it’s a great, unique craft for any winter-themed class!

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