cooperation and reciprocity (take 3)

Today’s lesson: cooperation and reciprocity.

June 8, 2013: Today was the day we set aside to go over the drama portion of the class. We briefly went over the story of Nettie Tobin again to remind the children, and then got them to act it out up to the point where Nettie arrived at the site of the House of Worship (stopping there, to avoid having to portray ‘Abdu’l-Bahá). The youngest of the girls (an eight-year-old) played Nettie—scouting out a stone from the nearby construction site, and carrying it from trolley to trolley in a baby carriage all the way to the site of the House of Worship—and the other two filled in different roles, such as the foreman, Nettie’s friend, and even the baby carriage that carried the rock.

Everyone got a lot of laughs and had a lot of fun with this class. I think we can say with confidence that out of everything we do in class, the children love drama the most. The older girl who was present—a ten-year-old who normally appears timid—really comes into her own when playing a role. She says she wants to be an actress, and she’d probably be a great one: she really does well at learning and delivering lines, using her voice, her face, and her body to expressing emotion. Just one of those gems we’ve found while digging through the spiritual mines!

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