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quote treeOne of the nifty suggestions shared at yesterday’s teacher gathering was to make a Virtue Tree out of craft paper, in which the leaves are inscribed with the spiritual qualities covered in Grade 1 of Ruhi Book 3. Throughout the year, the children can look at the leaves to recall past lessons, and the teacher can use this for review. I’ve seen this idea in a couple of places; homeschooling blogger mom Kami uses it as a permanent home decoration after a successful Ayyam-i-Há launch, and the Enable Me To Grow blog has a few easy instructions on how to make your own virtue tree.

We’ve actually done this before, except with the actual quotes from each lesson instead of just the qualities. It became a “quote tree” that the kids could go back to to review what they had learned. The nicest thing, though, was that it was set up on the wall of the public space we used for our class, so everyone who used the same space afterwards could take a look and see what the children were learning. It got a great response and prompted a lot of curious questions!

to give and be generous

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  1. Bonjour, je suis maitre de classe d’enfants baha’i. J’ai vue vos activites. C’est magnifique. J’ai 5 s 6 enfants dans ma classe. Merci dem’envoyer des photos ou autres de vos actuvites.

    Baha’ie de la

    • Bonjour Carolyn, merci de votre visite et de vos gentils commentaires! Si vous le pouvez, venez suivre notre page Facebook, où on partage des photos de nos activitiés et de celles de nos lecteurs à travers le monde.

      Au plaisir!

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