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steadfastnessSpring has been a busy thing this year! Apart from remaining active in teaching children’s classes, I’ve been busy completing what must be the most demanding personal project I’ve ever taken: paperwork for my wife, a native of Vietnam, to immigrate to Canada. Thankfully, the long process is over now, and we’re finally able to be together for good. It took a lot of steadfastness and patience, and I can’t help thinking it must have made us both stronger and more united. It also made me think a lot about humanity’s crying need for complete unity. As I considered the complicated bureaucratic system that kept us apart so long and was such a challenge to our relationship, I thought: “This is why the world has to be one country.” If all of us treated others as beloved members of one human family, and citizens of one world, would there be a need for borders, those arbitrary lines in the sand that keep us apart?

Thankfully, the influence of these concepts seem to be having a growing effect on the discourse of civil society, as we see many of the ideas and principles promulgated by Bahá’u’lláh popping up in the news: the establishment of various international unions and agreements, an international auxiliary language, even a world currency. By and large, though, most remain unaware of the source of these innovations, or how to go about implementing them correctly. Those who have tried have seen their hopes dashed by prejudice, corruption, greed, conflict, disunity and injustice. Without a proper moral foundation at its core, progress towards a better, just, and unified world is nigh-impossible. This is why teaching children’s classes, animating junior youth groups, and supporting the rest of those “core activities” of the Plans of the Universal House of Justice is so important for each of us: through our service, and the service of all those who collaborate with us, we are laying a strong foundation, an unshakeable core upon which will be built a new world that will manifest these principles for good—the “Day which shall not be followed by night.”

I just thought I’d share that reflection with you today. Summer is almost here, and together, my wife and I will be taking over a neighbourhood children’s class started by a friend of ours, hopefully to grow it past the handful of children who’ve been attending, and maybe, if we can find or train willing animators, to start a junior youth group as well. Also, I plan to finish a major improvement to this website soon, one that should make it a lot easier for readers to browse for the information they need. I know it’s been mentioned before but this time I mean it! 😛

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