truthfulness (take 4)

Today’s lesson: truthfulness.

finishing touchesJuly 3, 2010: Trying it yet again! Outreach again this time. A group of us have been doing outreach in Chinatown and met some families all living in one apartment building who showed interest in a children’s class. After meeting a few times and sharing Anna’s presentation with the families (through a significant language barrier), we finally had a class of sorts, with 4-6 boys (I’d say about 5-8 years old). We played a lot more games than usual for us, and they loved it. in fact the class was mostly games, proportion-wise. all the same, we worked on memorizing “O God, guide me” and the quote on truthfulness. The prayers were amazing, as the older children stayed in quiet meditation for a full minute after the prayers were done–I’ve never seen that in all my time doing children’s classes. My co-teacher suggested it might have been due to their Buddhist background… in any case, it was astounding and MOST welcome, and we’ll encourage them to continue doing this for sure. They loved the story about the Boy Who Cried Wolf, and they seemed to grasp all the concepts well. overall, a great summer class after a very uneventful spring season.

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  1. i’d say your little girl is spot on – intimidation in the end is not a good internal motivator. doing something or not doing something because they’re afraid of being punished is not a good reason. may be that would be a good time to go back to foundation building of love for God and God’s love for her.

  2. Hi Dan! this is Andy from Laos, we met at Horace’s house when we had devotional there and you were staying there with your wife! what a small world I’ve been doing childrens classes and we’re about to do a play but the problem is we don’t have the script!! anyhow nice to have found your site, we’re thinking of having one for Laos too. Nice site you have here, will check in often. Thanks and have a good one!

  3. Thank you so very much for sharing your experience. I had such a fear of teaching children’s class particularly thinking as an old guy I wont be able to relate to the children. What gems they were! How do I give back the bounty I get from them? The peer pressures they have at school test them every day. Classes seem to be the only buffer. Thank you for your example of truthfulness.

  4. Hi, for the past 6 months I have been trying to find a way to share and get other people’s e3xperience in relation to children’s classes… What you are doing is wonderful, and it inspires me to do something similar for my class…
    thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your experience so gently and sincerely. I love your sharing game from the “Helping the Poor” section. We will check back for more support!


    Betsy from Texas

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