chinatown class (first try)

Saturday’s class was nice and quiet, mainly due to a lack of children showing up (d’oh). We will try to get it going again next weekend. we had a nice chat with …, the director of the Vietnamese centre, who showed up just after 2:00 despite us getting his cell number wrong and being unable to reach him. One good learning is that the apartment above the centre (I.e. the door to the left) is unrelated to the centre, so it’s pointless to knock on it when we’re locked out.

We stayed at the centre for a while; halfway through, a very nice elderly Vietnamese gentleman stopped in because he had seen people coming in and out of the Centre and wondered what was going on. We explained to him what we were doing there and a little about the Faith too. he seemed to be happy to see us, and stayed to chat for a while (and he kept on asking, “where are all the children?”). we asked him to let people know that the children’s class was happening at the centre, in case he knew people who had children nearby.

that’s it for now. thanks be to the Almighty for allowing us to serve in this way.

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