the báb: the gate to bahá’u’lláh

January 24, 2009: 4 kids (three ~9 yr olds; 1 ~5 yr old); 1.5 hr class. Class went surprisingly well, considering. I started out the day by creating a written activity (word search, to go along with the other written activity); went to print things out and my printer wasn’t working. So I figured, OK, I’ll print them at the Baha’i centre. Took a taxi to the Baha’i centre, since class was starting soon. Got there, and the internet was down (it’s been down since last week!?!!?) Gaaaaaaaaah. So I had to come up with everything on the fly. Miraculously, things went ok. We started with prayers right away, without waiting for latecomers. I found that this helped some of our more unruly kids concentrate on the prayers and not lose too much of their attention. One boy came in late though, and this did provide a bit of distraction, but overall everyone was well-behaved during prayers. It was afterwards that everyone got crazy. I gave them too much leeway i think, and allowed them to carry on too long with disruption, and so i lost control of the class. At a few points i managed to stop the distractions with a very firm “No.”, which actually impressed me. Two of the kids had to have a time out while we played simon says, because they were being too unruly and not listening to directions. I’m still not great at discipline, but I think (hope?) I may be learning a little. 😛

back again

many thanks to those of you who’ve left comments in the past few weeks and months with so many encouraging words. it really makes a difference! just about to head off to bed right now, with a children’s class tomorrow morning, about how “God knows the secrets of our hearts”. I’ll have to blog this lesson since I don’t think I’ve added it yet. We were slated to do that one on the first weekend of January, but nobody showed up that week. the next weekend (last weekend), everyone was off to Toronto for the regional conference (which was amazing). So the lesson’s left over for this week.  Later in the day, I’ll be helping run the children’s program for our local reflection meeting. I have an idea of what I’m going to do for that one; since our city’s World Religion Day celebration is the next day, we’ll be doing a related art project from our oneness of religion lesson to decorate the Baha’i Centre. busy day huh? I’ll let you all know how it goes.