unity in diversity

Today’s lesson: unity in diversity.

more masks6 kids, a few 5-yr-olds, a few 9-yr-olds. 1.5 hrs. Class was successful thanks to the quality of the help! My brother came to help with the activity, and he also helped out with maintaining order. It really makes a difference having someone in the class who actually knows how to maintain discipline. He did a fantastic job.

This week’s activity was papier-maché masks to celebrate unity and diversity week (November 9 to 15, 2008). This is one of those times where I was so engrossed with the craft that I forgot to really develop the theme, but with brother there it went well. He basically ran with what I started out with and ended up presenting the whole lesson; he was also very firm with discipline and gave the kids a structure to fit into—which he spoke to me about afterwards. Let’s just say I’ve got a lot to learn, and I’ll be doing some serious reflection on discipline in the next little while.

Other reflections? Definitely need to work on developing the class’s theme, maybe through having a better plan for the activities. If I’d thought ahead a little more, we could have had sample masks or mask designs available to inspire the kids in their designs. The whole thing took a lot longer than I had expected, too—since everything had to dry, of course—which limited what we were able to accomplish. Overall, lots of food for thought from this lesson 😛

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