modesty and moderation in dress

Today’s lesson: modesty and moderation in dress.

4 children, 1 helper. This class went miraculously well, considering how little I had planned—but we had overflow activities from the past few weeks (the masks from our lesson on unity and diversity, etc). We started with prayers, skipped to a song (after hearing the kids demand a story!) and then a short game of Simon Says. I didn’t want to read a story just because they asked, because I didn’t have one planned and I was worried it would just throw me off and make us lose momentum. Note to self: need to work on flexibility—come up with a story to go with this lesson. 😛

The kids liked the topic of modesty and moderation; I introduced it by saying we would be talking about clothes and they all but exploded. (not sure why. maybe i’m out of touch.) They related easily to it and seemed to understand the point of modesty as “not trying to show off” or grab people’s attention. I prepared an activity sheet for them to work on at the end of class, which went pretty well. We talked about the different kinds of clothes people wear in different places, and what modesty meant in different cultures. To end off, we invited them to design their own (modest, moderate) clothes, which the girls especially loved.

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