kindness to animals (take 4)

Today’s lesson: kindness to animals.

October 4, 2008: Argh! This class was a disaster, mainly because of me being completely unprepared for it, and being the only teacher for a class of five rowdy kids didn’t help either.  the idea of doing origami animals may have been a good one, but it was a whole lot harder to learn than I had originally thought.  most of the children just broke out the legos as I tried to wrap my head around making a crane with the one or two who actually wanted to stick with it.  In any case, I’m not sure it’d be very useful for me to report any further on this one x_X Maybe next time.

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  1. Interesting to respond to what is happening in the classroom. I once helped a class where someone brought in a gecko from the playground. We were covering First Nations beliefs so it got worked in a bit.

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