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we just had another class this morning, on cleanliness this time. I still haven’t explained the project that we’ve been working on over the past few days, so I figured I’d spend a little time doing a regular blog post to keep everybody up to date (I have another lesson plan to post as well, but I haven’t got all the references I need for it).  the week before last was Unity in Diversity week, and I thought it might be appropriate if we put together something special to commemorate it, so we’ve been working on masks that we made using papier-mâché on balloons. it’s been a great activity so far; the kids love using paint and decorating their masks in fun ways that show off the diversity of the human family. I’ll post photos of the masks along with the lesson plan (once it’s ready to post!)

autumnI had a conversation with a friend the other night about how I felt like the class hasn’t really been going anywhere, mainly because of my lack of energy. the fact is, right now, I’m pretty much teaching this class solo, and have been since… well, basically the past year.  Maybe that’s been what’s made me feel a little down and discouraged lately; despite Baha’u’llah’s reassurance that we should not get discouraged even if we perform a certain service alone, I feel like it would be so much easier, and the class would be so much better, if I had a committed co-teacher. right now, I’ve got some of the parents sitting through the class with the children, and a few other people (including family members) on standby.  But I don’t really feel comfortable yet asking any of them to step up and take a stronger role in the class.  This is going to be more and more important for this class in the near future, mainly because I’m making plans to do some service overseas in the spring of 2009, which means either someone else steps up to the plate or the class is no more.  I suppose I’m blowing things up a little too much; if God wills it, brave souls will arise to help if the situation becomes too dire. We are, after all, committed to the core activities as a community, and the sudden unavailability of one teacher should be easily remedied by bringing in new people as teaching resources.  We’re fortunate in Ottawa, too; there are lots of people who are trained as teachers.  It doesn’t always feel that way—because there are so many classes to teach that we get spread pretty thinly—but really, we are blessed to have a strong, growing Baha’i community where people are becoming involved more and more.  So basically, I shouldn’t worry, or as Baha’u’llah says, “be not grieved if thou performest it thyself alone.”

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4 thoughts on “be not grieved

  1. I’m a Baha’i children’s class teacher and in my later years.I have lately have been unable to get classes started again due to personal reasons one being the loss of my mother.Although I would like to perform alone I would feel it would be to much for me. I keep asking Abdul baha to send me the help that I need and what is right for our class.
    sometimes I also feel unworthy .thank you.

    • Dear Mary,

      Thanks so much for sharing. There are certainly times when it seems as though it’s too much for us to continue in our service as children’s class teachers, and the loss of a loved one is definitely one of those times. Paradoxically, though, continuing to serve is one of those things that can help us to recover from such extreme trials, to connect with our deeper purpose in life, and even to honour the memory of those who have passed onwards through the manifold worlds of God. It may take the help of others, not only to help us teach a class, but also to help us find that spark of spiritual energy we need to keep ourselves going. We will pray that you’ll find the help you need, and in the meantime, that you can continue serving in whatever way you’re capable. And of course, please feel free to come back and keep in touch with us here, to keep on learning with us.

      Much love!

  2. Dear Teacher, i was just wondering if you are studying book 3 with any of the parents, family members, etc? once finished with book 3 or even while studying book 3 folks seem to step up and then when you share the 6 parts of kids class among 4 co-teachers the result is still plenty of tests, but manageable, and lots of nearly built in consultation. And you can support each other in trying to figure out how to provide this so important service, learning together. But wow, you have been doing this for over a year – impressive, your children’s class muscles are surely getting a great work out. Thank you too for this blog!!

  3. Dear Dan:

    Just a quick note to let you know that your struggles are appreciated. I am very grateful to you for your clearly documented plans. Your resources help me to teach the 1 or 2 five year olds who attend a monthly class in a rural area. It’s nice to know you’re out there. I don’t feel like I am doing this alone!

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