service (take 1)

Today’s lesson: service.

August 4, 2007: ~2 hours, 2 children, average age 8. With a little maternal help (thanks mom!) we weeded the garden inside the patio at the Baha’i Centre and planted a beautiful row of geraniums there. To give a little bit of context, we looked at a photo of the terraces at the Baha’i World Centre beforehand and explained how the Baha’is had created the beautiful gardens there for the entire world to enjoy.

garden supplies
our garden supplies.

weeding the garden.

botany lesson
mom gives the kids a botany lesson.

children's class: 1 root: 0
our kids with a stubborn root they helped dig up.

after weeding + planting 2

after weeding + planting 1
after weeding and planting.

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