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So our children’s class is now scheduled to start the weekend after (Canadian) Thanksgiving – October 14th. I’ve got a list of themes ready for the year, and I need to brainstorm some activities – if you can recommend some fun activities based around the first few books of the Furutan curriculum, that’d be really helpful – leave a comment on this post. There’s an information session at Ottawa’s newly renovated Baha’i Centre, and my co-teacher and myself will be speaking there about our experience teaching children from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds over the past year.

A nice and pretty French-language email is ready to send out announcing the class; the goal is to spread knowledge of the class among the Baha’is, in the hopes that they can forward it as an invitation to interested contacts. We’ll see how it works. Meanwhile, I’ll also need to put together a little sheet that explains all about the class and how it works.

That’s all for now – I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted much, but please be patient. This calm exterior belies hectic work!

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