cleanliness (take 1)

Today’s lesson: cleanliness.

March 11, 2006: 2 hours, 5 children, average age 6-7. during the fast. worked out all right. The children could relate to the topic. We managed to convey the idea that Bahá’u’lláh asks us to wash our face, hands and feet each day. This will be a useful reminder for the children in future classes. Many of them seem to have learned basic hygiene at school and/or at home. The craft was a good idea but was difficult to execute without a proper plan. note to self: refine this craft! the children liked sticking the flowers onto a mirror and seeing their faces reflected inside. when they saw an example they giggled and were quite impressed. didn’t mention the connection with the Fast, but there’s still another week for that.

  • explain the purpose of the craft – what is this going to be for?
  • have an example of the craft already done, so that the kids know what they’re working towards.
  • write out the steps beforehand, so you know how to explain it to the kids.
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