a walk in nature: god’s creation

Today’s lesson: nature, god’s creation.

April 1, 2006: 2 hours, 6 children, average age 6-7. The class went fairly well, but I could tell that there was a lack of preparation – I spent most of the time focusing on the “walk in nature” part – finding outdoor activities to do with the kids – but didn’t focus as much on what to do before then, and how the walk would fit into the schedule of the class. we usually conduct the class entirely indoors, and it flows a lot better. when you add the element of going outside, you have to take into account the time spent putting on boots and coats, keeping everyone in the same group, making sure the children are always holding someone’s hand before crossing the street, and so on…

the weather played against us somewhat; it was windy and cold, with threatening rain clouds lurking overhead. it had rained the night before so there were puddles around, and one child got soaking wet (his mother didn’t mind, thankfully). the three-legged race didn’t go over too well, but I suspect that may have been because the rules weren’t properly established before starting up. there may have been confusion. the result was that few of the kids wanted to play. most of the boys loved it, of course. the scavenger hunt was given a lukewarm reception, but I think the children enjoyed it once we got going. we had to cut it short because it was becoming cold and windy.

this lesson needs to be reworked and re-tried. Earth day is coming up in three weeks, so that might be a good opportunity to revisit the topic. Perhaps we could put more emphasis on the Baha’i take on the subject, and perhaps we could tie in kindness to animals (which is another topic entirely, one we’ve already done, but which is sort of related)…

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